It's no surprise the impact that the ongoing pandemic, COVID-19, has had on parents working to balance their work responsibilities and the demands on their child's schooling (whether distance, homeschooling, hybrid or in-person). 


Kidhance is focused on providing a quality experience for your child regardless of their situation this fall. Each kit if tested and approved for a fun and educational experience for your child. And we're working overtime during this pandemic to assure of that!


Caterpillar Kit


This Caterpillar Kit will have your kid inching (2-4 years old) towards new concepts about emotions and feelings. 


The October Caterpillar Kit has a focus on learning healthy emotions. What an un-bear-ably cute way to learn emotions!  This magnetic set lets students choose an emotion for a bear buddy, then the appropriate facial expressions. This kit is also accompanied by a feelings-focused slide out book and a fall/Halloween themed book as well!

Cocoon Kit


This Cocoon Kit is perfect for your little one (age 5-7 years old) as they learn about the mechanics and background on robots and their impact on the world. 


This October Cocoon Kit includes a hands-on robotics construction, an introduction to robots, a no-residue leaving slime kit, a fall-focused/Halloween focused wood construction and a Kidhance moleskin journal.




Monarch Kit


This Monarch Kit speaks to your growing explorer (ages 8-10 years old). 




This October Monarch Kit has a Builder focus on learning about engineering through a Ballista wood construction, a supplementary biography about Leonardo Da Vinci's life as an engineer, a special  Fall/Halloween focused item, and journal.